Norris BT700/3 Dishwasher AWC

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The BT700/3 Advanced Wash Control model is available in single or 3 phase power, allowing the machine to be installed in a greater variety of buildings. With the inclusion of a rinse pump, this machine will not be slowed by any water pressure issues, cleaning perfectly time after time.
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With specially designed wash system, the BT700/3 commercial dishwasher will not disappoint. With a reputation for reliability, the BT700/3 has an abundance of power under the hood to deal with the busiest of kitchens, delivering sparkling clean results every time. The carried time cycle selection will allow you to maximize your machine when time is of the essence.

Eradicate kitchen bottlenecks and lower turnaround times of dirty plates and utensils with this compact and versatile upright dishwasher.
Keeping up with the demand and balancing dirty dishes all day, every day can prove to be a challenging task; however, Norris has eased the burden with a purpose-built wash system that delivers results and guaranteed not disappoint with the compact upright BT700/3 AWC dishwasher.
Compact. Ruggedly built and elegantly finished made from quality, high-grade stainless steel. Featuring stainless steel welded cabinets with adjustable leg height, wash arms and scrap trays the BT700/3 AWC stands the test of time and performs flawlessly in the busiest of working environments.
Power limitations are no longer a concern, designed to run from a single or three-phase power source, so you don’t need to compromise.
Featuring a recirculating wash system and automatic detergent and rinse aid injection systems, the BT700/3 can wash up to 700 plates hourly. Enjoy the flexibility to set the duration of each wash cycle individually putting you in control with three wash and descale cycle options.

Simple to use, easy loading and powerful enough to remove the toughest of grime.
Thermostop technology accurately controls the rinse temperature of every load automatically, so you don’t have to - your plates emerge squeaky clean and hygienic every time.
Benefit from the wealth of experience built into each Norris dishwasher and glass washer based on over 60 years of manufacturing. When you purchase a Norris washer, you join other like-minded business owners in the hospitality industry who already trust the Norris brand.
Norris leads the way with a no-nonsense guarantee - taking the stress out of your purchasing decision with a five-year on the control board, two-year on parts and labour and limited five-year warranty on the entire machine.
Ready to alleviate your kitchen woes? Why not give us a call today, one of our experienced consultants will help you guide you through the decision process, enabling you to find the right dishwasher for your business needs and budget expectations.

2 x Plate racks 500mm x 500mm
1 x Cup rack 500mm x 500mm
1 x Cutlery container
1 x Water connection hose
2 x Chemical weights & filters
1 x Operating manual

•Ergonomic passthrough dishwasher
•Recirculating wash system
•Cleans up to 700 plates per hour
•Automatic detergent & rinse aid injection
•60/90/120sec, manual and descale wash cycle options
•Single or three phase power
•Hood safety cut out switch
•Rinse temperature accurately controlled by the thermostop function
•Adjustable legs to suit bench requirements
•Easy service access minimising maintenance disruption
•High-grade stainless steel welded cabinet, wash arms and scrap trays for durability
•Optional drain pump
•Australian made


  • Cabinet: 1255mm
  • Cabinet inc. legs: 1405-1435mm
  • With hood extended: 1812-1842mm
  • Usable Wash: 340mm
  • Cabinet: 600mm
  • Inc. Handle: 680mm
  • Cabinet: 620mm
  • Inc. Handle: 890mm
  • Loads/Hour: up to 40*
  • Water per Cycle: 3L
  • Wash Pump: 720W
  • Rinse Pump: 310W
  • Wash Tank Litres: 22
  • Rinse Tank Litres: 12
  • Element (wash): 1700W
  • Element (rinse): 8900W
  • Detergent Injection: yes
  • Rinse Aid Injection: yes
Wash Degrees C: 62ºC
Rinse Degrees C: 85ºC

Drain: 32mm Gravity (Drain Pump Optional)
Water: ½” BSP (hot)

Volts/Hz/Phase: 415V AC/50Hz/3+N
Amps: 20amps/Ph

* Subject to incoming water temperature + pressure

•Warranty – 5 years on the control board, 2 years on parts and labour – 5 years on the entire machine available (conditions apply)

Spec Sheet
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