To get the job done right, you need the proper tools. That's why Ecolab brings you a revolutionary line of long-lasting, interlocking kitchen floor cleaning tools. DuraLoc tools and Ecolab floor cleaners work together to give you the ultimate clean in less time.

DuraLoc, A Revolution in Kitchen Floor Cleaning Tools
To get the job done right, you need the proper tools. That’s why Ecolab brings you a revolutionary new line of long-lasting, interlocking kitchen floor cleaning tools.

  1. Associates don’t use broken, dirty tools that are ineffective
  2. Even our best floor cleaners don’t work properly if not applied and deck brushed properly
  3. Cleaning tools are usually never stored in a neat, orderly fashion
  1. Quality tools allow you to get the best from your cleaning products
  2. The best tools improve the chance your associates will follow correct procedures
  3. Durable, long-lasting tools lower the overall cost of getting floors clean

Strength That Lasts
Take a closer look at what makes DuraLoc™ tools so durable. Made with materials that are virtually indestructible, they’ll outlast any traditional mops and buckets by years. Built from lightweight aluminium and plastic overmold, they’ll stand up to any cleaning challenge you can throw at them.

So what makes DuraLoc™ so strong?
  • The universal insert holder screws onto the handle, creating a two-point connection with wide openings and robust threads
  • The arched design of the holder equally distributes stress across the top of the insert
  • The plastic handle overmold adds extra strength and durability to the tool
  • A rounded top point on the handle provides ergonomic benefit to the user and snaps easily into the hanging system

… and When You’re Done, Just Leave It All Hanging
When the job is done, keep all the tools organized and off the floor with the unique snap-in storage system. The double hangers slide easily onto a 24” storage wall mount that holds handles at different heights. The single handle holder is designed to keep frequently used tools where you need them the most.
  • Rounded handle tops snap in and hold in place securely
  • Slide-in holders allow for customization of tool organization
  • Hanging tools dry faster, which eliminates slick spots and mold buildup in storage areas