• Developing the perfect E-Bike 19/08/2019

  • CSS Christmas Season Trading Hours 20/12/2018

    A notice to our valued customers, CSS will have limited trade on Friday the 21st of December from 2pm onwards.
    Additionally, CSS will be operating with skeleton staff between the 24th December - 2nd January.

    Our 24/7 Service line will be unaffected.
  • E-Bike Instructional Videos 28/10/2018
    When investing in one or a fleet of Delivery E-Bikes for your business you want to protect that investment. We have created a number of videos to explain how to easily maintain your E-Bikes and safe riding techniques.
  • Benefits of Regular Pizza Oven Servicing 26/10/2018
    Like your car a regular service has many benefits, ensuring reliable operation, improved gas consumption and consistent cooking times. CSS recommends these be conducted on a 6 monthly interval. Your customers will reward you!!
  • World's Largest Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation runs a Domino's Store 26/10/2018
    During planning for a new Domino's store located in the western suburbs of Sydney it became clear the power grid would cause issues and demanded an innovative solution. A power collection/storage solution on a commercial scale in a restricted space which the recently announced Tesla Powerwall 2 suited perfectly. The result is the world's largest Powerwall 2 installation providing sun-powered hot pizzas for the locals of Plumpton to enjoy.
  • E-Bike Summer Battery Care 24/10/2018
    Summer is some of the best time to ride and riding in the rain (and in the mud!) is great fun. Don’t let the fact your bike is electric slow you down. If you keep these tips in mind, you can expect an enjoyable life with your Barletta E-Bike.