Developing the perfect E-Bike

Monday, 19 August 2019

In the emerging food delivery phenomenon, there is a demand for fast, culinary experiences brought directly to the customers' door in a safe, environmentally conscious vehicle.

As of April 2018, 9.8% of Australians aged 14+ use third-party food delivery apps. (Roy Morgan, April 2018, And in a recent white paper commissioned by the European Union, ‘Cyclelogistics’ is a major component of the solution recommended for a zero-emission future (European Cyclists’ Federation, Recommendations on Cyclelogistics for cities, February 2016,

In some major cities, up to 42% of all deliveries could be completed with an electronic [delivery] bike or E-bike. We’re talking about more than just food too. The highest potential disruption industries are construction, retail (shopping), post and parcel and of course the quick-service and food industries.

There are opportunities to create greater efficiencies, cut costs and participate in a large socio-political landscape as pioneers. Florists, Chemists or your local Bubbletea hut, any business can now leverage new technology to deliver goods and services to customers with the added value of convenience.

So how can a business participate in the future delivery of goods and services? What if you want to participate but don’t want to spend tens or hundreds of thousands on purchasing and maintaining a car or other large vehicle fleet?

The solution is the E-bike, reimagined with the latest technologies and parts which deliver faster, safer and more affordably.

Construction Supply & Service (CS&S) has launched the 9th generation Barletta electronic delivery bike (or E-Bike), the Attivo 2.0. Built-in cooperation with small to medium-businesses and technology-delivery pizza giant Domino’s, this E-Bike has been thoroughly tested to meet the demands of your growing delivery business. This was only achievable by having thousands of units in the market and gaining the expert feedback from industry-leaders and users.

“Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DPE) came to us with the challenge of balancing a durable, resilient product which is filled to the brim with the right technology at an unbeatable price, and with the Generation 9 Attivo 2.0 Delivery E-Bike we believe we have achieved perfect harmony.” 

Says Ride Sports Tony Blackshaw.

“We are the manufacturer, supplying an original product, backed with the entire ecosystem to support not just the entire DPE marketplace but thousands of small and medium enterprises around the world.”

Tony continues,
“Our product is simple, cost-effective and can be tailored to suit any specific country or state requirements.”

CS&S maintain a global support network and stock all spare parts to ensure that each fleet is running optimally.

The benefits go beyond business and consumer. With so much room for e-bikes, scooters and cargo bikes, the encouraging of electric vehicles to our city streets will cut traffic, improve air quality and have the potential to play an important role in the zero-emission future of our nation.

At CS&S we are at the coal face of thousands of foodservice businesses. Every day we are delivering customer-focused solutions to the everyday challenges in this space.

If you’re interested in learning more about E-Bikes, you can contact Tony and his team at Ride Sports for the latest information on the Barletta E-Bikes at or through the CS&S supply team at