World's Largest Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation runs a Domino's Store

Friday, 26 October 2018
During planning for a new Domino's store located in the western suburbs of Sydney it became clear the power grid would cause issues and demanded an innovative solution. A power collection/storage solution on a commercial scale in a restricted space which the recently announced Tesla Powerwall 2 suited perfectly. The result is the world's largest Powerwall 2 installation providing sun-powered hot pizzas for the locals of Plumpton to enjoy.
The World’s Largest Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation Runs a Domino’s
During planning for the Plumpton store located in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, it became clear during routine site audits that the power grid had serious limitations.

Our Project Manager Lorraine Chapman and National Project Manager Ben Small got together to devise a solution. It became apparent to all that the solution needed to be audacious: to implement a power collection/storage solution on a commercial scale, in a restricted space that had not been seen before. CSS reached out to our national industry network and partnered with Natural Solar (battery providers) and Aliance (Power requirements and Installers), who were brought in to work closely with our design and construction teams. After looking at power alternatives available in the market, it was decided the recently announced Tesla Powerwall 2, was the perfect candidate to meet all requirements. Some of the deciding factors; double storage capacity and smaller form factor over the previous generation, plus the modular flexibility of the Tesla system.

The CSS design team set to integrating Powerwall 2 into the store’s designs. As the project progressed, our team continued to develop its system design to suit the small walkway space located at the rear of the site, without compromise on the systems required performance.

The system uses the stored battery power for commercial use (all appliances including, fridges, freezers, lights and ovens), currently during the day, and recharges overnight using off-peak power from the electricity grid. A dedicated solar system is planned to be installed once the Powerwall’s feasibility has been through a testing period. That battery power is enough to cook 90,000 Pizzas and 27,000 loaves of Garlic Bread over a year.

Domino’sCEO Nick Knight says the company was testing the initiative to see whether it pays off for the Plumpton Franchisee. CSS GM Rian Bell says the company is dedicated to offering all future projects alternative energy systems, which will not only return projected utility cost savings but increase environmental sustainability. Natural Solar’s Chris Williams likes the installation, understandably: “Aussies can be assured that when they are biting into a piece of pizza from Domino’s Plumpton, it was cooked using battery power. We’re excited, and are looking forward to seeing more Domino’s franchises across Australia making their own ‘Tesla Powerwall 2 Pizzas’.”

(feature image source: Natural Solar)