8/11/2018 | Project Journal: Queen St
By: Sean Kramer

Reinventing Brisbane's Crown and Jewel: 

From concept to concrete

A new dine-in concept store for Brisbane's Queen St, allows customers to craft their own pizza creation from a selection of premium ingredients tailored for the clientele.

Located in the heart of Brisbane's CBD at 371 Queen Street, the new store places pizza-making front and centre, giving customers the best seat in the house as the pizza makers craft their meals. Similar to a traditional Italian pizzeria, the concept store serves pizzas on bases made from hand-stretched dough and barista-made coffee from Brisbane-based specialty coffee roasters Fonzie Abbott.

The new concept store expects to add alcohol to its menu in the coming months, with Domino’s teaming up with Brisbane-based craft brewery Newstead Brewing Co.

Watch your pizza transform

When approached by Domino's with this ambitious design, CSS had to take the concept of a high foot traffic store and create something comfortable and functional. It's built to feel like a restaurant. Complete with a  contemporary casual dining atmosphere, it's a whole new look. 

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Setting a new standard.

Not all QSR buildings can afford such a wide variety of facilities- but our collaborative efforts made room for new technologies. For Dominos, integrating and improving new technologies is a key part of their future success. However, with customers watching every move of the staff, it was crucial the store layout was not compromised and remained minimal. With features like a custom built cable highway, the workspace becomes safer and cleaner.

With Delivery being a key part of Domino's strategy in the area, Surry Hills took advantage of the industry-leading CSS E-Bikes. To protect their investment the client requested we find space for an E-Bike Storage room to improve the maintenance, upkeep and safety of this new fleet.  Along with an intelligent cold room and full in-house toilet, these amenities made a difference for owners, staff and customers.

The end result is a Domino's restaurant that is built especially for the area, situation and staff that will continue to serve piping hot pies at a blistering pace all in view of the customers. The CSS Construction Team provides a complete turnkey delivery service for client build projects. Collaborating with our internal teams and external contractors, CSS manages the entire project lifecycle from inception through to completion while ensuring your vision and direction is met with prompt action and comprehensive solutions. Including the wealth of industry knowledge and practical experience, your business can take advantage of site selection, design planning, statutory approvals, quantity surveying, procurement construction, cost control and everything in between.

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