6/11/2018 | Project Journal: Surry Hills
By: Sean Kramer

Creating the newest 

Domino's flagship for Sydney

This 250sqm Domino's is a statement piece paying homage to the old bar previously inhabiting this on-trend inner city space.

As one of the largest QSR's in Australia (and the world) Domino's is always trying to push the expectations placed on the industry. Their ambitious vision in an up-market growing inner city space would bring many challenges to our Construction team, including working side-by-side with the new high profile Light Rail Project in Sydney. Eager to showcase the ingenuity of CSS, project manager Tim Capra took lead and pulled together the most reputable Engineers, Consultants and Designers with our in-house Town Planner to overcome Sydney Council's demanding restrictions.

Three State Of The Art Ovens 

Two Make Areas

Internal Plant Room

E-Bike Storage & Charging Solution 

In-House Toilet Facilities

The store has a custom bespoke design inspired by the bar previously inhabiting the prime location. CSS took advantage of the natural design elements to create a whole new Domino's Pizza experience. With two separate make areas, customers can watch their pizzas come to life. With 10 CSS provided E-Bikes, and 3 of the latest ovens utilising all of the latest advancements, Surry Hills has been designed to deliver serious amounts of pizzas in-store and at customers doorsteps. 


Setting a new standard.

Not all QSR buildings can afford such a wide variety of facilities- but our collaborative efforts made room for new technologies. For Dominos, integrating and improving new technologies is a key part of their future success. However, with customers watching every move of the staff, it was crucial the store layout was not compromised and remained minimal. With features like a custom built cable highway, the workspace becomes safer and cleaner.

With Delivery being a key part of Domino's strategy in the area, Surry Hills took advantage of the industry-leading CSS E-Bikes. To protect their investment the client requested we find space for an E-Bike Storage room to improve the maintenance, upkeep and safety of this new fleet.  Along with an intelligent cold room and full in-house toilet, these amenities made a difference for owners, staff and customers.

The end result is a Domino's restaurant that is built especially for the area, situation and staff that will continue to serve piping hot pies at a blistering pace all in view of the customers. The CSS Construction Team provides a complete turnkey delivery service for client build projects. Collaborating with our internal teams and external contractors, CSS manages the entire project lifecycle from inception through to completion while ensuring your vision and direction is met with prompt action and comprehensive solutions. Including the wealth of industry knowledge and practical experience, your business can take advantage of site selection, design planning, statutory approvals, quantity surveying, procurement construction, cost control and everything in between.

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