Currently only available to South East Queensland between;
Tweed Heads, Toowoomba and up to Noosa.

CSS is proud to announce we have been able to negotiate rate with a reputable partner for Refrigeration Maintenance Service in South East Queensland.
For the rest of Australia and New Zealand please Contact us for a quote.

We will book you in for one of three Refrigeration Service packages.


Suitable for; Coolroom, Makeline, Bromic freezer/fridge, Riva freezer’s filters only and any other additional equipment including Chest freezers etc.
  • Check temperatures
  • Gas charge
  • Fans/ noisy or bearing wear
  • Door seals
  • Cabinet/ coolroom hardware
  • Clean and flush drains
  • Blow out or wash condensers
  • Inspection of electrics/Hot joints
  • General report on equipment
  • No repairs made unless approved by CSS

COST $335.00 + GST


Only available between 8.00am to 11.00am Weekdays.
(additional costs for weekends & public holidays)
Please note: we cannot record temps on a “Makeline Clean” visit as the makeline will already be switched off for early morning strip down and clean.
Customer needs to say on arrival if makeline is not achieving temps, this will be an additional charges may be incur.
  • Remove all baffles and clean in sink
  • Remove and clean internal drip tray (where possible)
  • Clean water tray trough under evaporator coil
  • Clean evaporator coil with food grade chemical cleaner
  • Remove fan housings and clean
  • Blow out condenser
  • Clean drain water drip tray/pan
  • Replace rusty screws where needed
  • Inspect door seals and hardware
  • General report on equipment
  • No repairs made unless approved by CSS

COST $372.00 + GST


Package them together and save $134.00 excluding GST.

COST $573.00 + GST.

Bookings are essential, so please feel free to Contact us to register your interest