Welcome to the Mantova Shelving Showcase.

We're proud to showcase our partner in shelving, Mantova. With smart and effective modular shelving solutions we are excited to feature a solution for your business' shelf storage requirements.  

Mantova has been manufacturing high-quality products for the Hospitality, Catering, and Food Service Industries for over 50 years and offers the only HACCP-approved shelving in Australia.

CSS, as a proud partner of Mantova, supplies a comprehensive range of specially selected Australian-made shelving and storage pieces. 

Mantova shelving solutions can utilise available floor space in the cold room, dry storage, and back of house areas and is built to handle the demands of a Domino's store environment. It is renowned across Australia for its superior strength and durability.


Australia's most popular commercial shelving is now stronger, neater, and easier to clean. It's 100% Made in Australia for Australian businesses.


The all-new M-Span shelf is designed to be easy to clean and last a lifetime for an affordable price. Made by over moulding a subframe with Food Grade Polypropylene to produce a strong shelf in one process. This patented technique reduces the cost and the carbon footprint to benefit both the customer and the environment.

Wire Gird

Mantova's Wire Grid Shelving has solid roll-formed sides which are easier to clean than other brands of wire shelving. Fully welded steel corners make this shelving very strong. The solid roll-formed frame gives a clean look as well as price and product name space for front of shop use.


Dunnage shelving is used to store heavy items off the floor. For loads up to 450kg use post-style dunnage shelving. For loads in excess of 450kg use the fully welded dunnage rack.