Dough Sheeter Atlas SH-500

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Using a commercial sheeter dramatically reduces the labour involved in rolling out dough and ensures product consistency. Scroll down for more information.......
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Why use a Sheeter?
Using a commercial sheeter dramatically reduces the labour involved in rolling out dough and ensures product consistency in terms of size and evenness.

The thickness can be adjusted between 0.5-25mm instantly by the unique swing lever mechanism. This gives the operator better flexibility and minimises operation time. The roller can create pizza bases up to 508mm (20") wide.

Why do we only stock this Sheeter?
We have trialled several different sheeters or rollers in high volume environments and have found the Atlas SH-500 Sheeter outperforms the rest in producing round pizza bases. It is reliable, fast and meets Australian safety requirements.

You can generally expect several years of heavy duty performance without problems. When it does come time for maintenance, we’ve found that replacement parts are easy to source.

How does it work?
Cold dough balls are placed in the top of the machine and after coming out the first roller are then turned and fed through the second roller. The flattened round dough base is delivered on a continuous conveyor belt which allows the base to be guided straight onto a pizza tray.

Each roller takes a second or two to flatten the dough meaning that the sheeter is capable of handling up to 600 pieces per hour, perfect for high volume environments.

How much training and maintenance is required?
The other advantage is the training required to teach an operator to use the machine is minimal and they can be rolling dough ready for production in short order. By contrast, hand tossing dough is an art form that takes many hours of practice to master and perfect. There is also the risk of repetitive strain injury in a high volume environment with hand rolling or tossing.

It’s good practice to make sure a dough roller is cleaned after every use or if the unit is left unattended for any long periods.

Colour: White
Emergency stop switch
Easy to adjust thickness
Low voltage
Food safe
Easy to clean
Rolls cold dough
Motor doesn’t trip or get hot with standard use
Horizontal rollers


Flattened sheet dimension
  • up to 508mm (20") wide
Flattened sheet thickness
  • 0.5-25mm
  • up to 600 pieces per hour
  • 240W
Net weight
  • 135kgs
Gross weight
  • 195kgs
  • Length 830 
  • Width 700 
  • Height 830mm
All safety systems meet Australian OH&S standards

TIP: Dough is more fluid when cold. It will stretch more evenly and is less likely to stick. If the dough is hot there is a chance the dough will over proof and bubble which affects the ability to roll the dough and will alter the taste.


12 Month replacement parts and labour. 
The products are warranted by Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas, during the period of the warranty, will at its option and subject to the conditions stated herein, repair or replace without charge the product or any component part, which upon examination by an Authorised Service Agent or by the Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas is found to be defective.

Not covered under warranty
Normal wear parts, consumables, components or service required when performing normal and regular maintenance of this product are not covered by warranty unless it is found to be defective by an Authorised Service Agent or by the Company

Items Not Covered
Chains Door & Window Seals
Oils & Lubricants General Service
Sheeter Belts Glass
Warranty exclusions
Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas, its distributors or dealers as the case may be, will use the following criteria in determining warranty eligibility. If the product exhibits any of the following exclusions, the product will be void of warranty and may result in the product being returned to customer freight collect:

Evidence of environmental damage (corrosion or staining).
Defects or damage arising from mishandling during transportation.
Defects from normal wear and tear.
Defects from using the product other than as recommended in documentation.
Defacing the product or removal of manufacturer labels.
Damage during installation or removal, even if accidental.
Abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect.
The use of any non-Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas parts.
Service or modification by anybody not authorised by Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas or its appointed representative.
Maintenance of any attachments or associated equipment or components which are not supplied by Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas.
Any electrical or other environmental work external to the product.
Product that Australian Bakery and Pizza-Atlas determines to have been previously rejected, stolen or scrapped.
Product damaged by lightning, power surges or other natural phenomena.


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