Eurowash EW800R Dishwasher w Heat Recovery & Hood

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Big power with a small footprint, the Eurowash EW800 is a dish washing beast, perfect for the busiest kitchen. Scroll down for more information.......
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3 Wash Cycles: 60 sec & 90 sec & 120 sec (1080 Plates/hr – 2160 Glasses/hr)

Big power with a small footprint, the Eurowash EW800 is a dish washing beast, perfect for the busiest kitchen. The massive 465mm hood opening devours huge amounts of dishes and glasses, so you power through the busiest of sessions with ease. The exclusive patented hood design is engineered to greatly reduce lifting effort without sacrificing quality.

Compelling benefits of the EW800 Dishwasher:
  • Easy to remove wash/rinse arms and scrap trays for cleaning.
  • Patented anti-clogging wash arm design, in stainless steel for long life.
  • Supplied complete with built-in drain, rinse, detergent and rinse aid pumps, a cup rack, plate rack and cutlery basket.
Note: Accessories pictured are not included in this price and may be purchased separately.


Overall Dimension (Width‐Depth‐Height)
*open mm 721 ‐ 836 ‐ 1565(*2080)

Packaging Dimension (WxDxH)
mm 870x760x1540

Gross weight
Kg 120

Net weight
Kg 110

mc 1,02

Rack size
mm 500x500

Max door /hood opening
mm 465

Max glasses/plate Height
mm 440

General construction
double skin

Door/hood Construction
single skin

Tank construction
deep drawn

Tank volume
liter 22

Tank heating element
W 2.500

Tank surface strainers
Yes‐ composite

Wash pump type
double flow

Wash pump power
W 700

Wash temperature
°C 60

Boiler type
without pressure

Boiler volume
liter 12

Back‐flow system
break tank

Boiler heating element
W 6.000

Rinse booster pump

Rinse booster pump power
W 200

Rinse temperature
°C 80

Rinse water consumption
Liter /rack 1,9

Optimal external water pressure
bar 1 ‐ 4

Drain system
deep drain

Drain pump
standard built in

Rinse aid dispenser peristaltic

Detergent dispenser peristaltic

Wash cycle
sec 60 ‐ 120 ‐ 150 ‐ continuous

Self cleaning

Automatic drain

Electric Power
W 6.700

Electric Connection
V ‐ ph ‐ Hz 400V 3N 50Hz

A 16

Plates racks
n° 1 780131

Flat Rack
n° 1 780132

Cutterly Rack
n° 1 780139

Electric cable
n° 1 YES

Drain hose
n° 1 YES

Fill hose
n° 1 YES

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