Oven Hood for Triple Stack XLT 3855

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Hood for Triple Stack XLT 3855 Conveyor Oven.
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Hood for Triple Stack XLT 3855 Conveyor Oven.

It reduces noise when the oven is operating and can make an old oven look new again by giving it a new exterior. Because it encases the oven and removes hot air, it also means that it is cool to touch reducing the risk of burn injuries and increasing operator comfort.

Two ducts above the canopy supply air and remove smoke, contaminants and cooking by-products emanating from the oven.

One of the main advantages of an invent canopy compared to an open canopy is that it only removes heat from the oven, rather than extracting everything in the store including air being cooled by an air-conditioner. It requires much less exhaust and make-up air flow than conventional overhead hoods. Because it exhausts grease and smoke from directly over conveyors this results in a cleaner oven and kitchen.
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