250ml Dredge Shaker

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This plastic shaker is perfect for equally distributing seasoning, spices or toppings through one of three included lids of varying sizes to meet your needs. Scroll down for more information.......
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A staple in the kitchen, these shakers also offer an attractive self-serve solution to condiment stations and table service. A fantastic choice for pizza toppings like red peppers and parmesan, with cover options sized perfectly for all-time favorites, salt and pepper.
Color-coded lids identify contents at a glance, efficiently serving up seasonings and toppings by opening size. Designed from crystal-clear, shatter resistant Camview for safe, lasting service without the hassle of glass.
Shakers hold up to 250 ml of product, minimising refills and maintenance. Brand the shakers for additional value. Enhance the patron experience and back-of-house prep stations with these durable, easy to use seasoning solutions!

  • 250mL Graduated External Measurements on one side
  • Color-coded lids offer at a glance identification
  • Ideal for prep stations and self-service toppings
  • Designed from crystal-clear acid and shatter resistant Camview
  • Remove the risk and cost of broken glass
  • Parsley (white)
  • Salt & Pepper (beige)
  • Medium Ground (rose)
Lid hole diameters 
  • Coarse (White) - 7.52mm
  • Medium (rose) - 1.99mm
  • Fine (beige) - 1.30mm


  • 250mL
  • Plastic
  • Product Dimensions
  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Width: 105mm (with handle)
  • Height: 97mm
  • 300g
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